When purchasing anything from ODDS&EMS we can promise that - 

〰 Each order is made to order just for you, meaning minimal or no waste is produced. Our current turnaround time on fabric items is 14 days but, it's worth the wait knowing you've shopped sustainably.  
  All fabric products are created with made-to-order fabric too. Both printed and plain fabric is only ever ordered when we need it or in very small quantities, this means that there is never any deadstock. All of our fabrics are sourced in the UK and, lots of these are either organic, natural or remnant selections too.
  Each print is designed by hand; we then always opt for digital printing methods in the UK using environmentally friendly dyes. Digital printing uses much less water too!
〰 If you've ordered anything paper based, it's always printed in the UK and produced from 100% recycled materials.
  Everything we create has been designed and produced to a high quality so that it lives a long and happy life.
  Where possible we aim to create everything in house. If it's been made elsewhere, we'll always let you know.
  We try to use as little packaging as possible plus, what we do use is 100% recyclable, reusable or biodegradable. When your done with it, please do dispose of it correctly.