Your impact matters. Here are a handful of simple things you can do to minimise your impact on our planet when you’re shopping and prolong the life of your wardrobe favourites - 

 〰 Buy less but buy better. Choose high quality items which have been designed to live a longer life. These will have been made from higher quality materials from workers who earn a fair living wage. 
〰 Repair and re-wear. If it’s bearing a little hole, cut it some slack and patch it up. Perhaps it’s got a stubborn stain? Hanging it in the sunlight can often make that fade away.
〰 Recycle and reuse. When it’s time to say bubi always recycle your garments. Recycle them yourself by getting crafty, maybe make a new toy for your four-legged friend? Alternatively, drop them off at a clothing and textiles recycling point, head to https://www.recyclenow.com/what-to-do-with/clothing-textiles-0 to find your nearest recycling point. If they have wear left in them though, try re-selling them or donating them so that someone else can make use of them. Little ones grow our of their clothes fast but, a high quality hand-me-down is always appreciated by someone else!
〰 Look after your things. Always check the care label before bundling your garments into the machine. Different fabrics need different care. Often, they’re best washed on a cool and gentle cycle but, if you’ve got time to hand wash or remove stains with natural basics. Remember, only wash them when it’s needed, the less you wash them, the longer they should live. 
〰 Set your own trends. There's more to fashion than chasing trends. Get creative. Mix and match prints and shades to keep it fun. There's no "do's" and don't's" around here.