Made to order is what we’re all about as it allows us to be as ethical and sustainable as possible. You may have to compromise on it taking a little longer to reach you but, we promise that it’s well worth the wait knowing it’s been produced sustainably and fairly. Below are some of the reasons why we choose to go slow at ODDS&EMS - 

〰 We waste less. With made-to-order there is little to no waste. Each fabric product is made individually to order. Other than samples, we never make ahead so this means we never have any dreaded deadstock that we can't shift! If we haven’t made use of our samples ourselves be on the lookout for our next Sample Sale where you might be able to pick up an exclusive piece at a discounted price!
〰 You waste less. Ever wondered where the things we throw away end up? The majority get incinerated or goes to landfill. At ODDS&EMS we encourage you to buy less, but buy better. Choose timeless styles that have been made fair and ethically. 
〰 It's (nearly) always available. All of fabric products are always in stock, just so long as we can source the fabric. This means there's no need to wait around for those 'back in stock' alert emails that often never show up.
〰 You step up your style. There's more to fashion than chasing trends. Get creative with what you wear. Mix and match or keep it minimal, there's no rules here. 


★ Our creation ★

Here's a sneak-peak, behind the scenes at how we create each individual order -

➊ You place your order ➜ We get to work. If it's a fabric product, we order the amount we need if we don't already have it. It's measured, pressed and the patterns are found in the style and size you've ordered.
➋The pattern pieces are then laid and cut.
➌ Your new item(s) are sewn together with love and care.
➍ It's quality is checked over and then it's tagged and packed into O&E's recycled packaging.
➎ Your order is then walked or cycled to our nearest P.O in Cambridge, and posted on a fast, reliable service. If your order was over the value of £20 this will be sent tracked so check your emails for your tracking code.
➏ Your order should arrive in a few days' time. We hope that you'll love it from when it's first unwrapped! ❤ 

P.S. If you've ordered paper products these are usually in stock in our home studio, we simply string them together with an O&E tag, package them up into a hard-back envelop and take them to our nearest P.O or post box.